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Save The Gouldian Fund is a not-for-profit charity raising funds for the research and conservation of the Gouldian Finch, a highly endangered Australian bird.

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Back to the Kimberley!

So great to be back in the Kimberley again! We have returned to start fieldwork for the 2013 dry season – and of course to prepare for the upcoming Annual Census


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  • graham nichols

    Hi, When and where is the next gouldian count?

    • savethegouldian

      Hi Graham,
      We did our last public (volunteer) count last year. Due to recent technological developments and because of the vast scale of the project now, from this year we are moving to remote sensing to enable us to get more accurate records on movement and numbers of Gouldians across their range.
      So we will no longer be holding a volunteer-based count.
      Sorry about this.

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