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Save The Gouldian Fund is a not-for-profit charity raising funds for the research and conservation of the Gouldian Finch, a highly endangered Australian bird.

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Save the Gouldian Fund Christmas Fundraiser

A BIG thank you to Nathan Gregory (aka Conservation Kid) who has already raised over $300 for STGF by selling these lovely Gouldian finch Christmas Decorations. He will selling more next week so keep posted to find out where and when you purchase them…. You can follow Nathan on Facebook by clicking here.


New captive facility nearly finished!

The new Gouldian finch breeding facility at Australian National University is nearly complete! The photo here shows north-facing side of the building – it has 20 outside aviaries (still to be planted out with Eucalypts), 60 indoor temperature-controlled flights and 100 large breeding and stock cages. Can’t wait to move all our captive population down […]

Congratulations to Louise!

A BIG congratulations to Louise on achieving a first class Honours for her thesis on Gouldian finches!

Louise has been working hard over the last year looking at the relative importance of predation in maintaining the red and black head colours of the Gouldian finch. By examining behavioral differences between the morphs (at waterholes, […]

Support STGF by buying Gouldian t-shirt

October 2013 at Alison Green Designs is Endangered Species Month. From now and throughout October, Alison is offering 4 T-shirts featuring designs of endangered species and donating $10 from each sale to relevant projects connected with each species.

GOULDIAN FINCHES T-shirt sales – donations to the Save the Gouldian Fund

CORROBOREE FROG — donations made […]

Gouldian Count – thanks to all the volunteers

A very BIG thank you to all the lovely volunteers who helped with this years Annual Gouldian Finch Census – a great group of volunteers and a great year for the Gouldians!

Gouldian Count – Day 4

The last day of the Annual Gouldian Finch Census and we are still finding good numbers of Gouldians at all the waterholes – the great thing is that we are getting consistent numbers everyday.

Gouldian Count – Day 3

Day 3 of the Annual Gouldian Finch Census and again Gouldians spotted in good numbers at the waterholes. These little Gouldians in the tree above are waiting to come and in and drink – and be counted!

Gouldian Count – Day 2

Second day of the Annual Gouldian Finch Census and all of us and the volunteers are finding good numbers of Gouldians at all the waterholes – so lovely to see!


Gouldian Count – Day 1

First day of the Annual Gouldian Finch Census and Gouldians have been spotted in good numbers at many of our waterholes!

Sunrise over the Kimberley

Sunrise this morning while waiting for the Gouldians!