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Save The Gouldian Fund is a not-for-profit charity raising funds for the research and conservation of the Gouldian Finch, a highly endangered Australian bird.

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Drones in Fight to Save Finch

A recent article by Peter de Kruijff from The West Australia on one of our exciting new projects! This involves tracking Gouldian finches using drones (and transponders) to help us determine where the birds move during the year.

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New Article on Breed and Release!

We have a new article up on the website by Mike Fidler, which details the pros and cons, and our current understanding of breed and release programmes. And, most importantly, why we don’t think that this is the way forward (at the moment) for Gouldian finches.

Read the full article here

Save The Gouldian Fund is 10 Years Old!


Save The Gouldian Fund is celebrating its 10th anniversary! To mark this occasion we have complied a series of short articles about what we have done, are currently doing and planning for the future….. These articles have been writing from a number of different people and perspectives (e.g. volunteers, researchers, founders, etc.) and […]

Naturally For Birds

STGF is very proud to be part of Naturally For Birds – a new range of avicultural supplements that has arisen directly from the research we have been doing with captive and wild Gouldian finches.

For nearly 10 years now, we have been working on the ecology, behaviour, physiology and nutritional requirements of a range […]

Proud dad!

This black-headed male caught this morning is a proud dad of a large and healthy brood of chicks!

Gouldians… and spiders

Huntsmen spiders love the boxes too! And the birds don’t mind sharing… many Gouldian nests also have a harmless huntsmen in with them! Although the task of checking boxes is not a job for the arachnophobic as it can be rather off putting when they run over your hands and down your arm…. […]

Nest-boxes, nest-boxes and more nest-boxes….

One of our helpers checking one of the thousands of nest-boxes that are up for the Gouldians. It’s hard work in very hot and humid conditions but finding a Gouldian nest is always such a wonderful reward! […]

Wild Gouldian finch breeding season starts!

Wild Gouldian finch breeding season is now underway! First eggs are in the boxes!

Shirts avaliable from Australian Finches Store

Buy a Gouldian finch t-shirt from Australian Finches Online Store and $4 will go to STGF and help our cause! They look like great t-shirts so be sure to buy one soon….

Save the Gouldian Fund Christmas Fundraiser

A BIG thank you to Nathan (aka Conservation Kid) for raising over AUD$900 for STGF by selling Gouldian finch Christmas decorations that he made. This money will go a long way to providing more nestboxes (and homes) for wild Gouldians. Thank you so much Nathan! […]